Monday, March 13, 2006

A Bunyan-sized Curling Obsession

Apparently Paul Bunyan was a curler.  I wonder if he swept.I will be the first to admit that this post is really just an excuse to post the associated image (congratulations to the men's curling squad), but I'll try to make it relevant.

Over the last year, I've developed a bit of a curling fixation. It started with the CBC's broadcasts of various tournaments, reruns of which were often on late at night upon my return home. It worked on that level for a while, then I noticed that these same tournaments were on during the day on weekends. I never really understood the rules, I never knew what was really going on, but I couldn't help but be captivated. I call it Zen TV. You can watch it for hours, and comprehension isn't a prerequisite in the slightest.

From there, I found out about the local facility via Seattlest and tried it out. It was perhaps one of the best Saturdays in 2005. I tried it again a few weeks ago, and while it was ridiculously crowded, it was still a fun time. At this point, I think it's safe to say that the obsession is cemented, and I'm a walking PR machine for this slightly obscure sport, lamenting the lack of good curling t-shirts out there.

Enough solipsism. This weekend is one of the last for this season's open houses. If you've thought of trying it out, I would highly recommend it. It's a bit on the cold side, but it's not so bad once you get moving. The ice isn't that slippery either, so the chance of falling, while present, isn't nearly as high as you'd think. If you like it (and why wouldn't you?), there are also mini-camps opening up next month where you can have a lot of dedicated ice time and have a trial run at curling league membership.

Open Houses
Saturday, March 18th –10am-3pm
Saturday, March 25th –10am-4pm
Saturday, April 1st –10am-3pm

Mini-Camp I: M-W: April 10, 12, 17, 19, 6-8 PM
Mini-Camp II: Tu-Th: April 11, 13, 18, 21, 6-8 PM

And now, in case you missed it, the marriage between curling and heavy metal (featuring the gold medal winning Swedish women's curling team).


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