Thursday, September 07, 2006

Post Alley Block Party Saturday

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This Saturday is the Post Alley Block Party, sponsored by Post Alley Pizza and Las Margaritas. Sounds like a lot going on, and it's all free, but here are the two points of interest from the press release:

- From Noon to three pm, kids can enter a paper airplane flying contest,take swings at a PiƱata (full of gift certificates and goodies fromlocal merchants) and be entertained by street musicians, magicians, aMariachi band and clowns will come courtesy of the Petting ZooPlayers.

- Post Alley Pizza will be holding a "pizza eating contest" at 2:30 and prizes will be awarded for the most pizza eaten the fastest.

We're hoping the paper airplane contest gets opened up, and we have to admit to being more into watching the pizza eating contest than participating, since we're still recovering from Bumbershoot cuisine.


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