Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Feeds Within Feeds

I know most readers (all 10 of you) are going to get their spanning_time content through their RSS reader. That's fine, but you might want to check the page for the snazzy badge every now and then (or subscribe to that if you're so inclined). Upcoming hasn't reached any sort of critical mass where everyone posts their events there, but it does provide a pretty good way to keep track of events (although let me know if another site is doing this better). I've taken to using it as an aggregator, posting the events myself in most cases. The badge actually pulls from the spanning_time group, which you could join if you're an user. I won't be writing about everything I come across, so you may find the data useful in filling the gaps (of note this past weekend were the dog show and Norwegian Heritage and Cultural Day).


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