Friday, September 08, 2006

Weekend Preview

Here are four things of spanning_time interest this weekend (we already mention the Post Alley Block Party):

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament - Eventually we're due to make it past the first round. This time we're going with no strategy and all intuition.

Hump2! - It's local porn. If you've looked at anything related to The Stranger the last week or so, you already know all about it (and the fact that every viewing is sold out). Next year we're planning to set up a social experiment and head there for a first date. We believe hilarity would ensue.

Star Trek Convention - We're still in geek-recovery from PAX, so we couldn't handle this one. With PAX we were at least close to the target demographic. In this case, we're nowhere near it.

The Fair in Puyallup - We think we've found our next short-term food obsession. Deep fried Twinkies. We're headed to the Fair (and the Twinkies) next week, but if you're up to the crowds, you can head there for opening weekend.

*Extra Bonus Event!*
Northwest Salsa Congress - We think it'll be like watching that reality TV show, but in real life, and with more sequins. It's a chance to go watch people far more graceful than you are. Hooray for feeling inadequate!


  • They don't sell fried twinkies at the Puyallup. All the vendors are from the same "family" and no "new treats" have been incorporated. Kind of sad when you think about it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:54 PM  

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