Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another Case of spanning_time-worthy Obsession

YUMIt seems like lately a lot of the focus here has been on people with strong fixations on obscure topics. Something about that resonates with us, with our obsession being these obsessions (how very meta of us!) and taking a peek into these worlds. We suppose this blog is just the manifestation of our obsession, an attempt to turn this otherwise personal pursuit into something (quirkily) useful.

Similarly, a couple of taco truck obsessives (we never would have even imagined...) have a website documenting and reviewing the various mobile Mexican establishments in the area (recently expanding to Denver). There was one we used to hit back in our time on the Eastside, but other than a random stop at one in Columbia City, we haven't found a regular one. This is definitely the resource to find it (despite its lack of updates - not that we're ones to talk). Cheap good food, what more could you want?

[via Ario (via Rachel)]


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