Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Latest Updates in RPS (and one unrelated thing)

Last week's usage of spanning_time's "expertise" in the paper for their story on the local resurgence of Rock Paper Scissors was funny. This week we were informed that our expertise also shows up in the September issue of Seattle Metropolitan for the same topic. We are apparently Seattle's go-to person for all matters RPS. We are as confused as we are amused by this. If anyone knows how to best leverage this notoriety, leave it in the comments. Thus far we've come up with:

1) Focus on esotericism
2) ???????
3) Profit!

In other news, Rocketboom has video coverage from the World RPS championships in Toronto. While the event itself is worthy of all the attention it receives, we found ourselves most drawn to the various t-shirts on display. Watch the video, and like us, yearn for the day when we can make trips to these events on some sort of "official business." [via endquote]

Lastly, spanning_timer and hardest of the hardcore RPS enthusiast Buster managed to get himself a guest spot on Lifehacker today, for a great post on setting attainable goals. Maybe he can help us figure out how with the things mentioned above...


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