Wednesday, October 18, 2006


So in the last couple of weeks we've been bad about reviewing the various things we've attended, so we'll remedy that now with some quick recaps of what's been going on in spanning_time territory (per a comment from reader Freudian Slip). But then again, you're all going to these events so you don't need these recaps, right?

- NWBrickCon, 10/8
This was a lot of fun, and we heartily recommend it for next year if you didn't make it. It's hard to describe everything that we saw, so we'll just mention our favorite and provide this link to some pics on flickr. By far our favorite was the huge piece we dubbed "Morbidtown," which featured a series of trains circling a busy township. There were families, people driving around and just normal bits of life. Upon close inspection however you could see beatings in the street, car accidents, and even someone run over by a train. Through it all, the inhabitants had a smile on their faces, making it all a bit creepy. The Smith Tower model was also impressive with its accuracy.

As a complete aside, in much the same way that many of the guys at PAX needed some time in the sun, many of the guys at NWBrickCon (and yeah, they were mainly guys) need some time on a treadmill.

- s_t on the Radio, 10/12
Our time on the radio was brief, a little weird, but fun. We showed up to the talk radio station last week and walked right into the booth to meet Ron & Don, two normal guys that were pretty pleasant to talk to. Then the red "On Air" light turned on and while they were nice, they were in total "radio mode," with Radio Voice. Despite our practice, we're not entirely sure our Barry White voice quite came through, especially since we were busy trying not to laugh at their overenthusiastic enunciation and inflection. They asked about our expertise, faux-arguing when informed that spanning_time is more of an RPS scholar than tournament player. They shut up when we kicked ass during our on-air best two out of three match (No sweat, Don was easy to read.). So that was neat. We were most excited to have our shoes mentioned no fewer than four times on-air (red Nike Cortezes in case you're wondering). We were also called good lookin', but that's neither here nor there.

Unfortunately, no podcasts exist for the station, so there's no audio to be had. Oh well.

- RPS Tourney, 10/13
No, spanning_time did not take home the win. We did manage to make it past the first round though, a tournament first for us. Still fun as well. We're looking forward to the next tournament already.

- High Score Documentary
This documentary is funny, engaging and well worth your time. It doesn't appear to have DVD release yet, but keep an eye on the movie's official site for when it becomes available. This would truly be a perfect gift for either a documentary or video game fan.

As always, if there's something you want to see here in spanning_time, just let us know. We read every single mail and every single comment, which trust us is a Sisyphean task.



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