Saturday, December 30, 2006

An "Explanation" on Those RSS Explosions

Occasionally (read: every 5th post recently), readers of spanning_time through Livejournal (via Feedburner) occasionally get an explosion of recent (or not so recent) posts, the equivalent of a vomiting blog. Turns out the limitation is with the way LJ handles RSS feeds, which seems to combine with something Google does to cause some admittedly annoying behavior. Not working for Google or LJ, there's only so much we can do here, but if any of our techie readers have ideas, we're open to them. Here's the response from LJ:
LiveJournal removes content older than 14 days from the syndicated account. If you update an entry that has been posted more than 14 days ago, LiveJournal is forced to repost the entry, because it cannot edit the entry if it no longer exists.

If any entries that you have not touched are reposted, please open a new request at that time, so that the support volunteers may investigate the problem. Thank you for the link to the discussion; we will keep it in mind when we investigate similar reports.

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