Sunday, December 03, 2006

Today is The Showdown

In 8 hours (at 7pm), we'll be testing our Mac & Cheese mettle against some of our finest friends. We've mentioned the competition already, but what we haven't mentioned is all of the prep work that's gone into this "friendly" competition, with the Internet scoured for tips on how to ensure ourselves a win. We already know that the secret ingredient is "love," but not only have we done a test run with some tweaks, we've researched just about everything in our current recipe to see if it can be improved. We truly think this is going to be our Mac & Cheese opus. Considering we're posting about it again it's safe to say we're a little nervous. More posting likely later during the prep process, and definitely with the results (the new plan is to not only post our own recipe, but all four competitors as well).



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