Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hello 2007!

in just a few hours we leave for part 2 of our NYC adventures. We're excited to leave head back to a more busy urban locale, and just wanted to say a few words in what will most likely be our last post of the year. We don't have any one grand thing to say, so we'll do this bullet-style.

- Thanks. That's for every one of our readers. You are but a few, but contrary to what we thought, we don't actually know all of you in real life. We didn't think we were doing anything here that warranted outside attention, but really, we do appreciate your readership.

- Change. For the last few days, we've been trying to think of what we want to do with this blog. We started it because there was a void in the Seattle blogosphere to help people find the "left of center" things to do. Since then, the bigger city blogs (Slog, Seattlest, Metblogs) have picked their game up significantly, and we never wanted this to be a place for merely duplicate content. So we could either go more obscure or go different. We're thinking the latter, but haven't quite figured out what that will be. We'll think on it a little longer and present something in our first State of The Blog Address.

- Happy New Year. But enough "big" stuff. You all have yourselves a great new year celebration. Stay safe, stay weird, and we'll see you in 2007.

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