Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Revolution Stunted: This is Why I'm Hot

We're late with this one and we apologize. We thought this would have happened long ago, and yet somehow it took until the 22nd. Now on to the video.

This song is blowing up, and has even made it into our head, but for as catchy as it is, it angers up the blood. The legacy of great New York MCs leads to this?
I'm hot 'cause I'm fly, you ain't 'cause you not, this is why this is why this is why I'm hot.

Chris Rock explains it best, but it's hard to defend the current state of rap and hip-hop. CNN of the ghetto? Not so much anymore.

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  • minimal hip-hop?

    "...I ain't gotta rap / I could sell a mil sayin' nothin' on the track" I sorta wish he would have shut-up at that point and just let the beat play out because it is pretty catchy...

    truthfully, this is exactly what mainstream hip-hop deserves. sad thing is that clown just made an imperial shit-ton of money...then again, so did Justin Timberlake and his album wasn't anything to write home about...

    "Hi my name is Bob and I work at my job..."


    By Blogger Zach, at 3:08 PM  

  • yeah, i really don't get how this track has picked up. the beat's kinda hot, the mc certainly not. new york can produce better than this.

    By Blogger 2RedShoez, at 6:04 PM  

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