Monday, April 09, 2007

Dusting Off the Cobwebs - Console Gaming Competition

3D Worldrunner, a game we remember liking a lot, but that wasn't really that fun upon revisiting.
So where have we been the last month or so? Well, we hit SXSW and came back exhausted from that, and since then have been busy with...important work stuff. In any case, we were prodded by a reader this weekend, so we're back after a bit of a blog-break. Here's something we promised to fill you in on once we had more details.

Tonight is the start of Console Chaos at Rebar. It's a monthly (2nd Mondays) video game competition sponsored by Pink Godzilla. The only new details we have to offer are that doors are at 7pm, and that the cover is $5. They haven't really offered much information outside of that. But who needs more details anyway? It's video games, it's competition. Just show up and get humbled by someone that's wasted more time playing games than you spend sleeping (and no we're not referring to ourselves there).

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