Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Well, It's Free

Drowning in free coffee.I don't drink coffee. Even if I did, I wouldn't go to Starbucks except as a last resort, since there's no shortage of local shops making quality products (I know myself that the local shops make a much better chai). In any case, tomorrow, from 10am to noon, Starbucks is going to be offering a free cup of fresh brewed coffee, in celebration of their first-ever Starbucks Coffee Break. People don't usually go to Starbucks for their drip coffee, so it's hard to see this as more than a ploy to get some increased foot traffic. If they were giving out some of their fancier drinks the case would be different, but this offer just doesn't resonate the same way as Free Cone Day, Doughnut Day, or even the recent National Pancake Day. But gift horses and all of that, so you coffee drinkers go get your free on.

And yes, I realize I just said that this isn't a food blog. It isn't, but "free" is grounds for an exception. Food blog or no, if Ezell's ever has a Free Wing Day, you can rest assured that you're going to hear about it here.


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