Friday, April 14, 2006

spanning_time Around the Internet

In 2010, robots fighting in space will be a spanning_time event.
Here are some spanning_time-worthy happenings from around the Internet. Don't worthy, we're not going all link-crazy on you, but these are definitely worthy of a few seconds of your attention.

Guess Daytona was all booked up: A Drake University student decided to spend part of his spring break in Wal-Mart. "Part" in this case means almost
two-days straight.

One Man's Trash...: An enterprising individual is hoping to trade
one red paperclip for a house. I remember trading candy after Halloween, but this puts that system of barter to shame.

Sex in the MRI: There's nothing cryptic in that description. A group of scientists had pairs of people have
sex in an operational MRI tube so that scientists could get a better idea on how internal organs arrange themselves during coitus. Trust me, if I can find a way to sign up for a study like this one, I'll let you know.


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