Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Collision of Caterwauls and Commerce

No, they don't take requestsThe Infernal Noise Brigade is known worldwide (in some circles anyway) for their particular brand of sonic disruption. This weekend they're going to be interrupting the sound installation of one of their former members in the middle of Westlake Park, bringing their new dance team along for the ride.

The sound installation by Inphaseprod (aka Robb Kunz) doesn't stray far from his INB roots. Funded by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs and 4Culture, Kunz has set up a circle of speakers playing a series of recordings from various INB performances. As potentially disturbing as this might be for Westlake shoppers, the addition of an INB invasion (at 4:30 today and Sunday) takes this situation from interesting to can't-miss, if only for the disturbance of an otherwise calm environment with organized chaos.


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