Friday, March 31, 2006

Cooking the Books...Literally

Prepare to eat your words. (Please forgive me for the pun.  I hope you keep reading anyway.)In one of the most interesting discoveries in weeks, Saturday (in addition to being April Fool's Day), is the date of the International Edible Book Festival (no, I'm not joking). Around the world, people will be coming together with their book-related confections, rejoicing in their love of both print and pastry. In Seattle this will be recognized at 826 Seattle, with attendees coming together at 2pm to show off their wares. At 3pm, it all gets eaten with tea, coffee and milk. And to reiterate, no, this is not a joke. April Fool's Day jokes can be funny, but this event just sounds tasty (and admittedly a little funny - well, punny at least - but mainly tasty).

Red Tricycle]


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