Friday, June 23, 2006

Further Indulging our Linguaphilia

So just a few weeks ago the spanning_time Spelling Bee Championships viewing was a roaring success. A few weeks prior, the regional Bee provided an enjoyable Sunday afternoon. Now, there's a word-y documentary that was well-received at SIFF that might be worth your attention.

Wordplay (playing for the next week at the Harvard Exit) seems to follow in the tradition of Spellbound or Word Wars, discovering some of the stories involved with the world of crossword puzzles. Interest in the film was already piqued because of the word-based nature, but the fact that crossword puzzles were the activity of choice for downtime in Spain (along with Uno) takes spanning_time's interest over the edge. Even if you aren't a fan of crosswords, this film should be entertaining and quirky, the only two things we demand out of a cinematic experience.


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