Friday, August 25, 2006

A Quick Geek-Test

What's your reaction to this photo? Do you think:

A) My, Earth really is full of things!
B) That cute, but what is it?
C) No really, what the hell is it?

If you answered anything other than A, then this weekend's Penny Arcade Expo is likely not for you. Organized by the guys over at webcomic Penny Arcade HQ, PAX (as the Penny Arcade Expo is affectionately known), is a geek gaming extravaganza. It's got tournaments, an exhibition center, panel discussions, and concerts, all game-centric. Game-centric concerts you ask? Well, imagine a band that does nothing but play covers of video game themes. Now realize that this isn't just part of your imagination, but this really happens, and it's going to happen on multiple occasions this weekend. You already know if this event is for you. In the case that it isn't, know that spanning_time will be in attendance, and we'll let you know how it goes. Geeking by proxy.


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