Monday, August 21, 2006

They're All About Sex, Right?

spanning_timer Erik tipped us off on an event he's helping with. It's a Dream Interpretation Panel on Tuesday. His obsession with Rock Paper Scissors surpasses our own, so if he's willing to call something entertaining, we're smart enough to listen. What does it mean that you keep dreaming about your AP History teacher and "detention?" Now you can find out.

Here's the copy:
The Po Show and The Fisher Ensemble present Trapdoor 62: The Dream Interpretation Panel. Using only words, an Indian harmonium, and a Sonabulist, a panel of writers and musicians will interpret the meanings of all your dreams. Before the panel, enjoy aperitifs and Surreal conversation. (All attendees will also receive a dream to be interpreted at the door.) Expect a labor-intensive disruption.

Edit: This is actually today, Tuesday, not Wednesday.


  • uh oh! we bungled it! this is actually tonight, not wednesday. well, if you don't make it this time, there's another one monday, september 4th, at bumbershoot.

    thanks for the mention!

    By Blogger Erik Benson, at 2:57 PM  

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