Saturday, November 11, 2006

Shorty's Pinball Tournament Tomorrow

Beer, hot dogs, pinball. What more could you ask for? Shorty's is one of spanning_time's favorite Seattle destinations, and one of our favorite times to go there is for their annual pinball tournament. There's not much need to show up for the whole thing (we'll admit watching someone else play pinball is only so exciting), but it is a good excuse to stop by for a midday hotdog and beer.
Double Elimination Head to Head Competition
Doors open practice begins at 11am
Registration at 1pm
Competition starts at 2pm
Endorsed by the IFPA

Winner takes the grand prize of a vintage pinball machine and 25 points for the world player ranking list. 2nd Place is 15 points. 3rd is 10 points and 4th is 5 points.

Lots other prizes!

Entrance fee is $5. Spectators are FREE!
Must be 21 or over to enter (because, well, we're a bar)

[via Seattlest]


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