Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Weekend Based Around Endurance

It's a bit late to do a weekend recap, but so what, we're just now recovered and we're going to do it anyway.

- Stranger Than Fiction. Recommended. Sure it's a bit schmaltzy at the end, but the overall movie experience is a good one. Will Ferrell does a good blank everyman, and the story has some interesting spanning_timey overtones to it. We're willing to say it's the feel-good movie of the season, but we're prone to cinematic clich├ęs. In all seriousness though, we liked it and think you will too.

- Seattle MindCamp 3.0. Once again we didn't stay the 24 hours, as we felt our 12 was enough. We got to see the new Nintendo Wii in action (very fun, even just to watch), got drawn by the Drawbot, and of course attended a variety of talks. Mind Performance Hacks and How to Open Source Your Life were most directly spanning_time-centric. We'd love to be able to mention the lucid dreaming talk, but we left before that began.

- Shorty's Pinball Championship. We expected to show up, eat a hot dog, watch some pinball and leave in an hour or so. We ended up there for SEVEN hours - and we weren't in the tournament. The tournament ran for nine hours total, and we stuck around because a friend of ours was competing (he ended up taking third, taking him to around #160 in the world rankings). Of interest to us was the disdain competitors had for the vintage machines, learning that the nachos at Shorty's are pretty tasty, and further cementing that we suck at pinball, since the scores being put up were orders of magnitude above our lifetime best.

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