Thursday, January 04, 2007

Some Fun To Bring in 2007

We're finally back from our adventures on the East Coast. It was fun, relaxing, boring, overwhelming, emotional, and any number of other descriptors. What it wasn't was spanning-timey. We're completely out of the Seattle loop, and long days on the couch are hardly fodder for entertaining posts (not that entertainment is any sort of prerequisite around these parts). We'll be re-engaging with Seattle over the next few days then things should get back to "normal." We're feeling some good spanning_time energy right now, which was helped by the fact that on our return flight we were at one point flipping between an Animal Planet show about animal freaks (think two headed animals) and Super Friends.

As a further welcome home, we came across the YouTube video below (thanks Ario!). Don't click yet. Go to this site and mess around with Line Rider first. The app itself is pretty addictive, but even in our obsessive brain it never even crossed our mind to come up with something this complicated. That's just the top of the iceberg though, since there's a whole fan community around this little webtoy that made the Internet rounds a few months back (if this is your first time with Line Rider, we're sorry you just lost those hours you just spent messing around). (We give props to the video creator for using music from Katamari Damacy, a spanning_time approved Playstation 2 game).

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