Saturday, January 13, 2007

Test Your Useless Knowledge

spanning_time is going to be joining a trivia league. It's one that fits right in with our blog-reading habits, so we're looking to destroy all comers. There are still a couple of weeks to register, and then you can be amazed by how much knowledge one set of individuals can have over nipple slips, bad pop songs, and crappy movies. Jillian's on Thursday is the new...whatever you used to do on Thursday.

You won't find categories like "geography", or "Nobel Prize winners" or "Scientific Formulas of the 1860's" anywhere near our quiz! Instead, all categories will be drawn from 5 genres: Television, Movies, Music, Personalities, and Ephemera (yeah, we had to look that one up too). In addition, you also won't find a boring list of questions that make you feel like you're back in Miss Jenkins' 2nd grade classroom. Instead, we've designed a multimedia show that will feature audio, graphic, and video questions. We even have a "Final Jeopardy-like" bonus round every week where you get to determine the value of the correctly answered question!
[via Shimp (our team captain)]

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