Friday, January 12, 2007

What You Should Do This Weekend

- Go see the trains y'all (we plan to):
Pacific Science Center Model Train Show
33rd Annual Show
January 13-15, 2007
Admission is included in the regular PSC admission fees: Adults, $10; Seniors 65+, $8.50; Ages 3-13, $7.00;
Show activities vary from year to year and in the past shows have featured activities where youngsters learn safety around trains, make scenery (such as trees or rocks), and get to actually run trains on some exhibits. There are candy trains, trains that kids can ride, and even a strolling barbershop quartet.
[via Red Tricycle]

- We have to admit we have reservations about this one (they're good at declaring their amusement potential, but can they really bring the goods?):
It's the best anti-film festival the world has ever seen. Anti-film fests are a collection of movies and videos that are actually funny. Not polite type funny, not "I guess you had to be there" type funny, not "My damn 7-year-old is telling another damn joke" type funny, but real funny. The kind where the laughter has a 20% chance of becoming an abdominal injury. So, come on down to our awesome pit of awesomeness. Drink a beer, laugh out loud, and shout "What The Hell Did I Just Watch?" ya slacker.
What The Hell Did I Just Watch? Film Festival
Rendezvous, various times on the 13th & 20th

- Also, who's down to go see some live wrestling?



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