Friday, January 19, 2007


Here are things you should do this weekend. If you have a guest in town (as we know some of our readers do), maybe these are things to keep in mind.

- 24 Hour Bike Ride - This fits right in with our new fitness resolution for the year (never mind the Crunch 'n Munch we're currently inhaling), but alas, our bike is in pieces, and frankly, 24 hours of doing anything sounds like a lot (some more difficult than others). For those more bike-prepared, there are races, music, contests and all other sorts of craziness to take the edge off. Wear your helmet.

- Olympic Sculpture Park Grand Opening - We were talking with someone that works for SAM a couple of days ago and they said that everything about the park was within an inch of greatness, and that that took its toll on the overall impact of the space. That criticism did more to make us want to go than a million press releases, if only to see the reasons for their statement. It's a big to-do all weekend, so other than the crowds (and the weather), now is the time to go.

- Fencing - We don't think fencing could become the new curling around spanning_time. It's certainly quirky enough to pique our interest, but it all just goes by too quickly. Curling sucked us in at 3am with its Zen-like competitions, while fencing is way too frantic. That said, the competitions this weekend definitely sound like a good time, even without knowing what's going on.

- Movies - We went and saw West Side Story on Wednesday. It was more wonderful than we thought it would be, since the crowd was an appreciative one, clapping after songs and otherwise enjoying the spirit of the film. On the other end of the levity spectrum there's Pan's Labyrinth. Sure, it's a fairy tale, but it's rated R for very good reason. It's incredibly dark, and you should know that going in. Still a great film though, and well worthy of its praises. It reminded us of Little Otik, which we recommend as a rental.

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  • Great post! We have started a Flickr photo group for sharing images of the new Olympic Sculpture Park. We would love to see you and your reader’s images!

    By Anonymous B Mully, at 9:22 PM  

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