Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Revolution Stunted: Black Cocaine

We came home tonight to find a man outside our building very obviously having a bad drug reaction. He was flailing about, pants around his ankles, looking like he was doing a cross between dancing and fighting. We watched from our window while waiting for the cops to show and it just made us sad. This was a man probably trying to escape his problems, but at this point his chosen solution was in itself the problem. Rather than feeling hopeful he'll get the help he needs, we're now feeling guilty for being the catalyst for someone getting in trouble with the authorities. We know it's a silly reaction, but we can't help it. Guess this is one of those "ripple effects" from drugs in the community.

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  • Two more fun facts and one more observation:

    Blacks are also much more likely to get the death penalty, reason enough not to support it.

    The CIA is in fact partially responsible for the spread of crack in black communities. This was proven in a court of law.

    My friends and I used to say that crystal is crack for whitey, which was funny until one of them got badly addicted to it. That drug has become an epidemic, and the statement has become true, yet possession of it is still a fine, not prison time.

    By Blogger Trainwrek, at 7:53 AM  

  • "crack for whitey" either needs to be on a t-shirt, a band's name, or a song title. maybe all three.

    By Blogger 2RedShoez, at 5:57 PM  

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