Thursday, March 16, 2006

Place Joystick In Hand

I'm not even going to try to add commentary to this snippet from the Grand Illusion. I can't add to the brilliance. This and next weekend only. Who's down?

“Totally Awesome Video Games” is the theme song of JOYSTICKS, the only film to star Pac Man, Donkey Kong AND Joe Don Baker! Set at a video arcade called "Video Arcade", Joe Don plays an uptight and corrupt city councilman who is trying to shut said business down. With their hang out, lifestyles and games of strip “Joust” on the line, the kids take a break from make out sessions in custom vans and fight back against Joe Don. The delirious action concludes with a video game showdown between a virginal nerd and a sinister punk named King Vidiot. Totally Awesome is right!
In keeping with the theme, here's one of the funniest moments ever to air on Futurama.


  • I'm all over that! -jizosh

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