Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's National High Five Day!

For Borat, every day is High Five Day.The fact that it's 4/20 is of interest to some, but there's an observance today of even more universal value. Today is National High Five Day. I've been partial to trying to resurrect of the thumbs-up, but I'm willing to support the high five cause as well. The fact that this observation was started by students at my alma mater is even better.

So how do you celebrate? This one should be obvious. Go about your normal day, but incorporate some high fives in there. Barista makes you a good cup of coffee? Give 'em a high five. Finish up a meeting early? High fives all around. Puff-Puff-Pass going swimmingly in your 420 celebrating? High five it (but don't fuck up the rotation). You get the idea. Get out there and celebrate. High five!


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