Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Seattle Splendor

Portait of the Artist as a Young ManHarvey Pekar is regarded as one of the first autobiographical comics writers. Before the Internet made personal disclosure an instant affair, Pekar was writing about his life, loves, and myriad shortcomings and failures. His caustic wit and constant self-deprecation helped to usher in the current era of independent press, and helped to shape the current comics landscape (and yes, set a template for Livejournalers everywhere). His most famous work is by far American Splendor, which was adapted not only into multiple stage plays, but into the eponymous acclaimed 2003 film.

Tonight Pekar is making an appearance at Town Hall to help promote his latest work, Ego & Hubris: The Michael Malice Story, described as "the tale of a man at odds with the circumstance of his life." Promotional aspects aside, I'm more than willing to pay $5 to see a great talk about his work. The fact that he's entertaining enough to have multiple Letterman appearances (despite being banned from the show) is icing on the cake.


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