Friday, June 30, 2006

UkeFest 2006!

spanning_time has posted a lot of movies lately, and while those are indeed fitting for this space, it's not really what this blog is intended to carry (Quick reviews. Labyrinth - dated but fun/The Dark Crystal - wow, still kinda freaky though/Wordplay - fits right into the wordy documentary space/Superman Returns - maintains the Superman spirit, so it's good). But back to the more random and weird, and this one delivers. Tomorrow is Ukefest, the fifth annual celebration of the ukulele. Absolutely brilliant. Here's the copy:

Come celebrate the music, history and lore of the ukulele at UkeFest—a full day of dazzling workshops followed by an evening of impressive performances from some very dedicated and rather obsessed ukulele players. Uke stars Joel Eckhaus, and the Boulder Acoustic Society, will share hard-won tips and tear-it-up techniques to help you expand your playing.


  • You went to Wordplay without the ST crew? :(

    By Blogger Josh, at 6:28 PM  

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