Friday, July 28, 2006

Another Example of a Corporation with a Clue

So spanning_time has completely dropped the ball (sort of) on the latest example of corporations trying to be "cool," since some of the events are already done. Sure, it's always a completely obvious marketing device, but at the same time, they can pull off some interesting things, and if you're going to be marketed to anyway, you might as well enjoy yourself. That said, Yarisworks is holding all kinds of events as part of their "be cool like Scion" campaign. They're certainly hitting the DIY aspects pretty hard, while the Scion takes on the more urban scene. In any case, over the next couple of days they have a few events, which can be seen here. You'll also notice that they've got kickball on there, but that's for Boston, as are the Japanese Book Binding workshop and the Swap-O-Rama. Yarisworks, you're not sucking so far, but really, bring that stuff you're doing in Boston here too.


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