Wednesday, July 19, 2006

spanning_time: Rockport, MA Edition

These were the spanning_time favorites.  They needed to use more duct tape though.
As mentioned earlier, spanning_time spent some time back east. Specifically, in Rockport, MA. The word "quaint" was used repeatedly to describe the waterfront town, which in this case is a bit of a euphemism for "slow" and "boring." There is no downtown to speak of, the town is dry, and teens have zero options for places to go (there were plenty hanging around the center of town just sitting on benches chatting with one another, not even a mall to house them - so sad).

That said, the trip was entertaining, and Rockport managed to surprise on Saturday morning. After a quick walk from one beach to another, spanning_time managed to find an event worthy of Seafair (pirates included). A local charity (Freemasons?) organized a cardboard boat race.

Teams entered the contest with a fee of $100, at which point they were provided with a set of materials, which included two large sheets of cardboard, some wood, a roll of duct tape, a shower curtain holder (metal, and just one), and a can of spray shellac. Given two hours to complete their boat, they then would move them to the water, not just to see if they would float, but to actually race. Absolutely brilliant. The day's festivities meant that the actual race was missed, but seeing the fervor of construction and contemplating strategies for victory (along with a few side bets) made the event more than worthy of spanning_time inclusion. They got the spirit right, even if the locale is far removed from Seattle. spanning_time is taking over the globe, one sleepy town at a time.


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