Friday, July 07, 2006


Everyone loves pirates. Pirates, ninjas, monkeys and robots seem to all hold the title of infinitely cool things, so this wouldn't be a good blog if it didn't mention the not one, but two pirate-related things going on this weekend.

First, there's the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. You surely already know about this so there's no need to dwell on it. It releases today, reviews are mixed, yada yada yada. (There's also still Wordplay and Superman if PotC isn't your thing.)

The bigger deal since it's in Real-Life is the Pirates Landing at Alki Beach. It's part of Seafair, which is apparently cooler than previously given credit for, considering it's now made the spanning_time cut twice. Good for them, that's just the exposure they needed to become a household name. Here are the details:
Join the fun loving SEAFAIR Pirates as they storm Alki Beach at 12 noon, kicking off the month-long summer festival. Fun, games and prizes for everyone.
Time to go find an eyepatch.


  • not everyone loves pirates. ninjas, for instance.

    By Anonymous josh, at 4:42 PM  

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