Friday, August 11, 2006

F*ck Yeah

It's time.
You're surely already aware of the greatness of Snakes on a Plane. We've refrained from blogging about it too much here, but don't worry, here in spanning_time HQ, we've been waiting almost a year for its arrival. Is it going to be bad? Gloriously so. So what? The hype even peaked a few months ago, but being SoaP True Believers that didn't dull our enthusiasm. It's bigger than us, and deserves all the spectacle it can get. So what's the perfect place in Seattle fit to take in the glory? Definitely Cinerama. Oh yes. Our periodic check of the Cinerama site finally yielded the sweetest of fruit. Thursday night. 10pm. This is now your plan. This is an official spanning_time event. Emails will be sent, phone calls will be made. We will be there, and our numbers shall be strong. Pre-funk plans will be sent out later. For now, you've got tickets to buy.

The Details:
Thursday, August 17, 10pm
Cinerama Seattle (Tickets) Event Link


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