Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Reading With Style

We actually think Zeppelin's overratedWe just caught wind of this book reading later tonight, and it sounds pretty interesting, so we have to share. Here's the copy:

ELLEN FORNEY's biggest solo comic book project to date, I LOVE LEDZEPPELIN (Fantagraphics Books) hit bookstores in late July, andshe'll be having reading/video/performances at Bailey Coy on Thursday, August 10.

What we mean by reading/video/performance:

Since comics are a visual medium, doing a regular reading isn't really possible, so when Forney's last book, Monkey Food, came out,she developed a "multi-media show" using a slide projector, boombox,props, and live narration, which she toured in nine U.S. cities, Canada, and Portugal. For I Love Led Zeppelin, the show is a little more high tech, with images and audio on DVD (directed by Ellen andproduced by a couple of friend/techie artists) using a video projector and Forney's live narration and props. There will be video adaptations of four of her comics, and the performance will last about 30 minutes.

Edit: Forney will also be at Elliot Bay on the 16th. Thanks Josh!


  • At first I was really confused by this, but then I figured-out that she's also going to be at Elliott Bay on the 16th.

    By Anonymous josh, at 12:03 PM  

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