Monday, July 31, 2006

Excuse Me, Your Nerd Is Showing

While we realize that spanning_time is on all the cool kids' RSS aggregators, every now and then we're going to have to indulge some not-so-latent nerd tendencies. This weekend's ComiCard Convention is one reason for such indulgence. Despite having attended (and being scarred from) an attendance at the Emerald City Comicon a few years back, we can't help but to think that this is worthy of your time.

Are comic book conventions as bad as you think they are? Yes. There was a time when comic books were a part of youth culture, when kids and adolescents read them, and adults read them because it was a part of their childhood and became a hobby. Well, there was a shift of sorts. Kids stopped reading for the most part, making the stereotype of the male comic reader all too accurate. The world of indie comics is a bit of its own beast, not really subject to quite the same stigma, but that's not what comes to mind when you think comics convention. The aforementioned trip to ECC was filled with solitary, pale males, shying away from the costumed females (yet admiring from afar), poring through bins of comics and toys for their next collection addition. We're not trying to separate ourselves too much from that demographic (we were there because an artist we liked was there), but all the same, it just felt bizarre to be surrounded by a cliché run amok.

So why attend this weekend's smaller convention? Considering its size, it's almost certain to be even more catered to the hardcore consumer. There's a certain entertainment value in that. That's not why we'll be there though. We'll be there because we're looking for a Batman action figure. Not just any Batman figure though. THE Batman figure. We'll know it when we see it. And now that we've admitted that, we're going to hope you can still respect us enough to keep us as part of your blog rotation.


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