Monday, October 23, 2006

Recapping E.A.B.F.A.T.M.D.

Well, Burrito Day was a bit of a mixed bag. We did manage to keep the day burrito-centric, but that isn't saying much as the day was plagued by an extreme lack of appetite. After a trip to the grocery store to stock up the day before, we woke up with not only no desire to eat a burrito, but no desire to eat at all. Certainly a bit problematic.

We skipped breakfast and headed to the food bank to help there. We met up with Bostonsteamer and spent the day sorting food, building boxes, and moving things from Point A to Point B. It was surprisingly brief, and it was good to catch up with Bostonsteamer. The food sorting was organized by the Jewish Family Service, which runs the food bank near spanning_time HQ. We only note the organizers to add context to how inappropriate it was to have Borat's "Throw the Jew Down the Well" stuck in our heads for hours after discussing the Borat movie with Bostonsteamer (he had the same problem, and he's Jewish).

After that we headed to Cocina Cantina for lunch where we had what amounted to the only real burrito of the day (and the only meal of the day). It was tasty. So while Bostonsteamer and his other cohorts had much more success with their Burrito Day (he closed the day with four burritos), spanning_time had to close out the day with a burrito count of one. Pretty sad, but we still got to help and be part of the festivities, so that counts for something. Thanks to Bostonsteamer for setting it all up.



  • It was good to see you for EABFATMD. Don't worry about your burrito consumption, you more than made up for it by coming to the food bank.

    By Blogger Joe, at 9:58 AM  

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