Monday, November 06, 2006

Pretty, Witty and Bright

We feel no sense of shame in admitting that we are positively addicted to West Side Story. We've got the crazy, super-deluxe edition of the DVD, we've got the original soundtrack...on vinyl, and you have no idea how many times we've almost bought an official West Side Story t-shirt. So despite the gray weather, you have no idea there we are for this talk/performance tonight by Marni Nixon, who dubbed for Natalie Wood in the film. If she sings "I feel pretty," we're going to cry.

Here's the copy:
One of the best-known and best-loved singing voices in the world, Marni Nixon dubbed songs for Natalie Wood in West Side Story, Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, and Deborah Kerr in the King and I. She debuted with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at 17 and continued her career with Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland, Charles Ives, Stephen Sondheim, Rogers and Hammerstein, and many others. She has performed on Broadway, starred in her own Emmy-winning TV show (Boomerang) in Seattle, appeared in concerts, theaters, and night clubs and has released classical recordings, and toured extensively with both Liberace and Victor Borge. Still an active and compelling performer, she has written her own behind-the-scenes story in I Could Have Sung All Night. She returns to the Seattle stage for an evening of stories and song illustrating her six decades of performing.

[via Metblog]



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