Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Halloween Aftermath

We didn't make much mention of Halloween around here, since it's not like it really needs much help from us. We hope you all went out with your Dan Savage masks and had a grand time. spanning_time managed to come up with a costume in time for Halloween-observed on Saturday, dashing any of our political aspirations by crossing the gender barrier as a sexy nurse (Yes, pictures exist, and No, you can't see them). Fun times were had by all.

So now what? It's November, it's cold, but there are still good things out there to enjoy. For one, there's pumpkin ale (if you're into that). For two, it's Cupcake Harvest Season. For three, it's voting season, and you could even span_time while helping the cause (spanning_time is socially responsible). But most importantly, and for four, it's curling season. That's right, it's time for more weekend afternoons spent making an ass of ourselves out on the ice (and convincing our readers to come along for the fun). The first set of open houses has already passed, but try to keep your weekends open because there's definitely going to be a spanning_time event for this soon (maybe we'll get cupcakes, drink beer and vote on something just to make this post have some sense of cohesion).

In any case, welcome to fall y'all. We'll do our best to fight the urge to hibernate and keep you updated with the relevant information to fill your free time with levity.



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