Friday, January 26, 2007

Weekending - Zines, Toys and Broken Wikis

The List - We don't know how many of you were keeping tabs on the "I Go Out A Lot" List. Well, due to some Internet shenanigans, the list is gone gone gone. We're going to try to find that data and host it elsewhere, but for the time being, our stalkers are going to have to go back to doing things the old-fashioned way. We'll leave some hot cocoa outside our window for you.

Zines - We aren't really sure how the zine scene has changed since blogs have blown up, but this workshop would be a good place to find that answer.

Toys - BLVD is hosting a live action figure sculpting session to close out their current exhibit. We've often entertained the idea of being immortalized as an action figure (complete with badass glasses and red shoes), but it's so very very pricey. Maybe we'll learn enough to do this the DIY way.

The live sculpting will be a short
tutorial on his hand-built action figure construction process. It will
also be Leavitt's first public art performance since his "Push Button
Performer®" was done over 50 times in Washington State from 1999-2003.
This live sculpting event will
include not only figurative sculpting, but the engineering and
technical elements of prototype-quality production.

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