Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Help Out the Science Fair!

In the pre-s_t days, we attended the SOAP-sponsored Science Fair, and we have to say it was a good time, with big-ass baking soda volcanoes ("big-ass" being the technical term for "very large") and crazy experiments with electricity. It messed with your reactions because every few seconds you were distracted by either a bright flash or loud noise. Despite such reflex-exhaustion, it was fun. They're looking to have another and need your help (yes you!). Here's the copy, and more details about this will be forthcoming as it gets closer.

Weird Genius Real Science Fair
Jan. 20th, 2007
In an old schoolhouse down in the valley (location to be revealed, in Seattle)

Calling all mad, weird, funny, and real scientists! The third Weird
Genius Real Science Fair is scheduled to occur in just under three
months, and we are beginning to take science project submissions. At
this time we are requesting just a rough outline of what you wish to
demonstrate about the wondrous workings of science and science related
automagic. For example: I would like to do a waterfall of delicious
beer to demonstrate how potential and kinetic energy relate to each
other. I'll need a hose, a wall outlet, and some nachos. Mail those
submissions here ->

This is a 21+ event, with beer, and multiple volcanoes. We are not
responsible for your white labcoat du jour, and we maintain the right
to refuse any project that will put us in jail, burn the entire place
down, kills/zombify, or harm seemingly innocent picklesquashes no
matter how much those bitches deserve it.

At this time we are also looking for volunteers, inquire within. Mail
here -> .

Questions -> Look for a formal announcement of
the event that you can send to your friends, family, and colleagues
sometime soon. For now, dream that impossible (but quantifiable and
provable via scientific method) dream.

The Seattle Outsider Artist Project (SOAP) is a Washington State
non-profit dedicated to undifferentiated creative proliferation in the
community. Please contact us immediately if you create anything.

Seattle Outsider Artist Project

SOAP is a sponsored program of The Shunpike: "The Shunpike Arts
Collective strengthens the Seattle arts community by partnering with
artists to more effectively present and distribute their work."


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