Monday, January 29, 2007

Scattershot: 1/29/2007

- Trivia - spanning_time ended up at a music thing so we didn't make trivia night last Thursday. We're fine with that, and we're proud of our teammates, who were robbed on one question, and ended up being the best at not winning. Sounds like fun though, so we're hoping to check it out for ourselves.

- Sculpture Park - We have a bit of a misanthropic streak going at the moment, since we think the sculpture park would be great if you got rid of all the people. We bought some film for our Polaroid, but ultimately didn't even attempt any shots, since there were So. Many. People around. Also, the whole space just doesn't seem ready for prime-time. Seems like they opened it to make a date, not because it's really fit for consumption. In any case, we think there's plenty of potential here, and we plan to spend some time there getting shots before it's all tagged to hell by graf artists (at which point we'll head back for "after" shots).

- Obsession - You long-time readers have probably noted that around these parts we're a bit obsessed with obsession. Not the stalker-type of obsession, but the all-consuming depths to which some people take their hobbies. It interests us because the world is so full of pockets of enthusiasts. We'd like to find and just see those pockets operate, even if the area of interest means nothing to us. In that spirit, this NY Times article about the publishing of collections of old comics (culled largely from individual collections) is a great read. It also references one of our favorite comics as well, Joe Matt's "Peepshow," one of the best autobiographical comics out there.

- Yo-Yo Championship - It's this weekend. We'll be in Portland, but you should go because it's a great (free) way to spend an afternoon.

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