Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some Stuff About Art

These events aren't for a few days, but there's some preparation involved with the last item, so we're giving you some lead time. Being fabulous takes time.

- Indicators @ BLVD - A new art show opens at BLVD Friday. Their opening receptions are always fun, plus Shorty's is only a block away.

- Group Show @ Roq La Rue - Before there was BLVD, Roq La Rue was our favorite gallery. We've still got nothing but love for them now, considering the two galleries to be a bit of a gallery two-for-one deal. Their new group show opens at the same time Friday.

- Free Parking @ OKOK - Another group show, this one at Ballard wonderland OKOK. Opening reception from 6-10 Saturday. Everyone should support this store (one of many reasons to head to Ballard).

- Red Dress Party @ McLeod Residence - Think of this as people art. It's a McLeod Party with everyone (EVERYONE) in red dresses. You know this is gonna get out of control. We were most excited about the shoe potential, but we're thinking drag three times in less than a year is a bit much even for us. We'll probably change our minds once FierceFlawless gets back into town and convinces us to go. No, we won't be posting pictures here.

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