Friday, February 02, 2007

Mission, You're Awesome - Wishbone Tournament Tonight

Mission won us over last year with the first Rock Paper Scissors tournament they held, which was at once the inspiration for this blog and a source for our newest obsession. Now they've gone ahead of the curve (RPS is so passé) to hold their first Wishbone Breaking Tournament. That's right, breaking wishbones. We won't be able to attend, so we're putting it on you readers to make sure to give us a full report. We're really disappointed we can't make it. One thing we really want to know is if they are using real wishbones or if they've got some more quality-controlled, vegetarian-friendly option. It's all sponsored by Captain Morgan as a benefit for Seattle 826, so your boozy fun is all for a good cause.

We’ve traded in the Rock, Paper and Scissors, and this year are having a Wishbone Breaking Tournament. The Bone Pull! Same format as last year. Prizes for participants and winners.
Groundhog Day, 2/2/07, 8pm, 21+
64 entries, double bracketed, single elimination
$10 entry – register in advance at Mission
Prizes for winners and giveaways for participants

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