Thursday, February 01, 2007

spanning_time Celebrates Black History Month

A few months back we were looking at some video on YouTube and again made the comment that the people in the video were "setting back the movement." It's a phrase we've often uttered at things that just irked us in the media, most specifically as it relates to Black culture (news flash for those of you that don't know spanning_time in real life - we're black (and proud)). At that moment we decided to do something for Black History Month. We were originally going to spawn off a separate blog, but we think you guys can handle this project.

Every day (as much as every day is possible), we're going to be posting a video that relates to "the movement." For the most part it will be people holding back the revolution, but there might be some more positive moments as well (we don't want to lose all hope). We'll be including a few words of our own as well (just a few - we're too busy for diatribes). Don't worry, it'll still be in spanning_time spirit. (For those of you that are up on your Internet memes, there will be some classics revisited - this isn't necessarily about freshness.) The name for this series of posts will be "A Revolution Stunted." A post a day for a month!? Can we do it? Hope you enjoy it.

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