Friday, May 12, 2006

BLVDGallery Grand Opening

from - by Dan DelongRoq La Rue's sister gallery opens up today for its grand unveiling. A collaboration between Roq La Rue owner/curator Kirsten Anderson and Cut Kulture's Damion Hayes, BLVDGallery moves into the territory at which Roq La Rue only occasionally flirted, the world of urban contemporary underground art. While some pop surrealism aspects are sure to pop up, BLVD's focus will be on the street art scene, so graffiti-derived styles should have a high focus. Sure, a gallery like this always brings up the debate over what graffiti becomes once it's hung in a gallery, but that aspect aside, it's nice to see something new and fresh in the Seattle arts scene. The grand opening runs from 6-10pm tonight, and while there's no promise of food, spanning_time is keeping its hopes up about that. If not, Shorty's is just a block away.

Opening Party: FRIDAY MAY 12TH, 2006
Time: 7pm - 10pm
Location: 2316 2nd Avenue (between Bell & Battery), Seattle
Phone: 206-427-5190


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