Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pole for the Soul

We could totally do that if we wanted to.So the spanning_time gym search is still underway, but we've started to think that maybe we should be looking beyond the gym. Our first thought was to take a look at yoga, since for years we've been told it's good for us, but it still seems a bit hippie (although we do now have a "Yoga for Dummies" DVD in our possession).

For those of you also on the lookout for alternative forms of fitness, you might want to give Pole for the Soul a look. It's Seattle's first pole-dancing school. Combining yoga, stretching, and yes, stripping elements (no nudity in class though), pole dancing is one of the latest fitness crazes to get the attention of the media. The next session of classes starts in early June, so sign on up if you're interested. spanning_time fully supports fitness among its readership, so let us know if you need an impartial body to let you know if your upside-down leg extensions are technically correct.

[via Exploit Seattle]


  • did you catch that the price for 6 classes of "pole for the soul" was $175, that's what $29/$20 bucks a class?? yikes, that better be one amazing 6 week course!

    By Anonymous twozdai, at 8:33 AM  

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