Thursday, June 01, 2006

The High Cost of Free

It's nature looking natural.spanning_time fully supports free and low-cost events. The value there is just too high to ignore, so that's where the focus is. That said, here's the text for a "free" picnic. Why the quotes? Well, you still have to get there, and the cost of gas is hardly negligible. That said, it sounds like a potentially wonderful Saturday.

North Cascades Institute’s 20th Anniversary Picnic and Barbeque
Environmental education is the name of the game for North Cascades Institute. At its newest field campus, in North Cascades National Park (on Diablo Lake), one can absorb info. about wildlife, wildflowers and the rich cultural history of the region. This Saturday, eye the facilities, create some art with the kids and then picnic on fresh, organic food. Afterward, take a guided forest stroll, a mellow paddle or just sit and enjoy the sounds of The Senate, a Seattle-based pop group. Please RSVP online so they can plan for enough chow.

When: Saturday, June 3, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Location: At the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center, 810 State Route 20 (less than three hours NE of Seattle; directions online)
Cost: Free
Info.: Reservations at 360.856.5700 x 212

[via Red Tricycle]


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